The Comic:  Rated PG-13 to R for profanity and adult situations.

In the throes of a quarter-life crisis, Max Sauvern quits school, breaks his engagement, and moves to a randomly-chosen city to escape his past. Ironically he finds his long-lost cousin and rekindles his old dream of singing in a band. He and his band mates become close friends and weather the usual struggle of an unknown band as well as some unusual personal crises together. However, Max’s inability to trust himself and his new bonds may ultimately cost him his band, his friends, and his life.


Alien Shores is the result of a lifetime of amateur musicianship and drawing comics mixed with the games Rock Band 2 & 3. It was probably inevitable. My husband and I created these characters and slowly they took on their own personalities and stories. Over the course of many conversations between the two of us and several of our friends who got to know the whole gang, their story became one that I felt I needed to tell.

My first attempt got to about 111 pages before I realized I was taking too many shortcuts and so I re-wrote it, hopefully improving the pacing and the story telling. The basic events all remain the same and have been in place since about 2008 or so. Now it’s time to take the leap and remake the comic! Currently the original version is still being displayed on the website.

I got a BFA in graphic design many moons ago and I’ve been drawing since I was very young. I am lucky to have a husband and many friends who are supportive and willing to ease insecurities but also provide valuable criticism when needed.

I am slave to a bossy cat and one very laid back dog.