The Comic

Rated PG-13 to R for profanity and adult situations.

In 2042, Denver, Colorado, four guys in their 20’s form a band and try to get famous. Along the way they run into problems ranging from the mundane (family) to Very Weird Shit. Will life-changing events drive them apart or make them closer friends? Will they really make it to fame and fortune? Will Max ever get over his insecurities? Will Izzy ever stop being an airhead?

The idea for the comic came from playing way too much Rock Bands 2 & 3. The boys and the women in Lipstick Misfits were characters my husband and I generated for the bands we were playing. The longer we used those characters the more we started thinking about what they were like off-stage and coming up with scenarios from their lives. Eventually I had quite a collection of mini-stories and decided to string them together into one big story. It was a perfect fit for my first comic project and here we are!

The story was written between 2007-2008ish, going through six drafts before I decided that if I didn’t start drawing it, it would never get done. About 4 sketchpads were filled before I posted the first page in late 2009. Frustrated, I worked on something else for a year and got into a good routine during late 2011 to now. I hope I can stick with it to tell the entire story. And yes, there is an ending to this story.

Some people may wonder why I’m doing a comic about four white guys in a time where women and minorities need to be shown more. Honestly I think it’s partly because the white guy is the default protagonist of the culture I grew up in and I didn’t even think about it. Also, having learned about some “unspoken rules” among men, I’m exploring what it’s like to be an American young man in a general way (being a minority myself I know that there’s additional pressures in each different ethnic subculture for men, but I’m not prepared to explore those right now). American guys have their own cultural problems – they’re not worse than anyone else’s but they DO affect the progress of equality and emotional health for everyone. I set the story slightly into the future to show how things could possibly change regarding personal relationships and sexuality. Lastly, I’m not interested in writing about myself or my experiences directly – this is a nice escape into fiction for me. I’ll try to be better with diversity in the future.

The Artist

I live in Denver, Colorado. I have a BFA in Graphic Design. I’ve always loved rock music and comic books. Having played bass guitar, drums, and piano most of my life and having drawn comics most of my life, it was probably inevitable I’d tell a story combining the two. Also I’m married and have a dog, two cats, a rat, and some freaky hamsters.

My inspirations include Colleen Doran, Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore, and Finder by Carla Speed McNeill among others.

Thanks to
Josh, Karyn, Jenny and LauraKate – editors, idea tossers, moral support, and patient shoulders to cry on. These sturdy and stalwart folk are the only ones who know the whole story beginning to end!