Right now you’ll notice that all the names are links that go nowhere. This is because of how I used to have the cast page built. I will eventually either figure out how it works within WordPress or I’ll make individual pages for people.

  • Max Sauvern

    Our main character. Max was going to be an English professor when he broke his engagement to a girl who wasn’t really his type. Wanting a new start, he quit grad school and moved to Denver. Max grew up in Arizona. He did some undergrad studying in Boston, where he acquired a passion for hockey.
  • Rael Mercury

    Max’s long-lost cousin. He ran into Max completely by chance one day in downtown Denver. Before he disappeared, he was very protective of Max, treating him like a kid brother.
  • Lexy Fairfax

    Boy-crazy, happy bass player.
  • Corin Singh

    Founder of the band, Corin named it Alien Shores. She’s blunt and ambitious. Very musically talented, she could fill any position in a band.
  • Arq Magnusson

    Arq’s laid-back appearance belies his burning desire to make music his career as something more performance-oriented than drum teacher, which he now does part-time.
  • Izzy

    Somewhat mysterious, Izzy loves his guitar but only slightly more than he loves sex. He doesn’t care about fame and fortune, he just wants to play his guitar.
  • Scott Mauer

    Scott has a strong work ethic and no-nonsense attitude that didn’t end up going well with his previous, pseudo-new-punk band. He can also play multiple instruments, but has settled on bass. He wants to make his mark on the world.
  • Roxi

    Roxi is the enigmatic owner of the bar that bears her name. It’s whispered that through various therapies and cyber enhancements she’s much older than she appears. Many rumors abound as to what side businesses she runs.
  • Daemon

    Daemon works for Roxi as a bouncer. He also does odd jobs that he’d rather not talk about. He’s been close friends with Rael for several years. Standing 6’8,” Daemon knows he’s intimidating. The claymore tattoo on his face has meaning only to him.