Max Sauvern

Having broken from his original life plan of getting married and becoming an English professor, Max is going through a quarter-life crisis and chasing his dream of becoming a singer in a rock band. He's prone to fits of insecurity concerning himself and his relationships with other people, though he's a supportive, caring friend. Despite arguing with his parents about his current career choice, deep down Max believes they're probably right.

Rael Mercury

aka Kyle Whelan. Rael is Max's older, long-lost cousin. Appears to be angry and guarded until Max comes back into his life. When he was a teenager, he ran away from home due to a traumatic event. Years later, by chance he runs in to Max again and is determined to rekindle their close, brotherly relationship. He finds Max a job, a place to live, and tries to support the band in any way he can, believing he can "make up" for lost time.

Lexy Fairfax

Lexy seems to be a happy, ditzy blonde. She loves being in a band, though she doesn't seem to take it very seriously. Lexy hates to be alone - if she doesn't have a boyfriend she is nearly always in the company of Corin, who has been her friend since they were freshmen in college. She is also friendly and outgoing, often trading off with Corin as spokesperson for the band.


Izzy is a guitarist indulging in all that young adulthood has to offer - few responsibilities and lots of partying. He enjoys dating as many people as he can, most often engaging in one night stands. He's generally happy and seemingly carefree sometimes verging on childish. Because of his sheltered upbringing, he can be naive about unexpected things.

Corin Singh

Versatile and driven, Corin founded the original incarnation of Alien Shores. She and Lexy left to join the Lipstick Misfits. Corin is generally unflappable and tends to be the voice of reason for her friends.

Arq Magnusson

An easy-going drummer, Arq enjoys drinking beer, hanging out with his friends, and making puns. He tends to bottle up anger, believing he should always be the calm one. Gives percussion lessons to make money.

Scott Mauer

Scott often sees the world in fairly black-and-white terms and is not afraid to tell everyone what he thinks. He's come to see Izzy as a younger brother and teases him constantly. Scott has always loved music and has been in some kind of band since he was a teenager. He fronted one for a time, but drama in the band drove him out. Deciding to try bass for awhile, he joined up with Izzy, Arq, and Max.

Daemon Pike

Despite his fearsome appearance, Daemon is a happy, friendly guy. His life has been difficult and violent, but he doesn't dwell on it and likes to help other people. His facial tattoo is a relic of his angsty younger days, but he keeps it because he finds it funny when people are scared of his appearance. Daemon works as one of Roxi's bouncers. He apparently also does other work as he owns properties where he, Rael, and Max live.

Robert Spencer

Robert is Izzy's younger brother, though behaviorally he seems to be the older of the two. He's very loyal to his brother and often plays peacemaker when Izzy clashes with their father. Robert is studious and reserved.

Lilly Sauvern

Max's older sister, she often serves as his confidant and advisor.