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  • B3nc0 says:

    I’m quite certain we’ll soon learn but still I’m curious: Rob is family, right? Cousin maybe, or brother even!
    Nice job on the buildings & bedroom b^^ Do you built it on handly drawn background or from scratch & /then/ you put the characters in?

  • Kathy says:

    Thanks on the compliment. but I can’t claim credit. I said F it and went to the Sketchup warehouse, got some pre-made models, fiddled a little, then put them in the panels – so I CHEATED! However, I sketch the “shot,” go into Sketchup and try to match the angles I want, export the 2-d image, put it into the page, then draw in the people!

    I decided to cheese out because I just couldn’t get it done by hand by myself and put the page up.

  • B3nc0 says:

    Thanks for being honest! It’s way past my capacity so kuddos nonetheless ^^d
    About the story, Father can’t be such an ^$$-hole; he’s making a stew to celebrate his come-back! That’s pretty nice ;°)

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