Misc. Info

It’s not a FAQ because no one has asked me any questions, much less frequent ones. But that’s okay!

My site is a WordPress site using the Comic Easel plugin. The author of the plugin, Philip Hofer, is a great help when you need it, by the way. He has always helped me out even when I do something dumb, which is often.

The template is called Generic, by Bryan Hadaway. It is a responsive theme. I found it was a good place to start to get my site to do what I wanted it to do and be responsive as well. A good chunk of my readers use their phones to read the site, therefore I felt it needed to be responsive.

I use Clip Studio Paint to produce all the art using an Intuos Pro tablet and I also use a Surface Pro when I can’t stand being in my office any longer. The app Tablet Pro makes it much easier to use my Surface with Clip Studio – check it out http://tabletpro.com. For me, it was worth paying for. I use Clip Studio (Manga Studio) brushes by Frenden. Here’s his shop. They’re great!

I use Sketchup to help me with backgrounds as I am terrible at perspective. I do not paste images directly from Sketchup onto my pages.

Stock photos are great for referencing poses and clothing in general. For locations, if it’s possible, I take my own photos.

I don’t use Twitter or Facebook because I hate stupid internet slapfights and I will have them if I go to either site.

If anyone actually does have questions, ask away!