So Far…

Max Sauvern came to Denver to ease his quarter-life crisis. To his surprise, he ran into his long-lost cousin Rael. Rael saw this as his opportunity to try to make up for lost time and let Max stay with him. They went out to a “jam night” where Rael talked Max into singing once just for fun and to avoid explaining his absence from Max’s life. The band Max sang with was impressed enough with his ability that they asked him to audition for a spot in their band.

Despite his fears, Max auditioned and got the gig. Soon after that he was forced to play his first public show and it turned out well.

Max got a job at a bar through Rael. The owner, Roxi, suggested that she might let his band play some time. However, the two women of the group abruptly left to help out friends in California.

Izzy, Arq, and Max decided to find a bass player and continue on. They had a difficult time until they found Scott, who turned out to fit right in. Roxi asked to audition them and they got the chance to play on a Wednesday night. Corin and Lexy and their new band were also there that night to play. Things were looking up until a drunk laid a hand on Elena, the lead singer of the girls’ band. Bouncers were nowhere to be seen, so Scott “asked” the guy to sit down. Predictably, the drunk’s buddies came to his defense, Arq leapt to Scott’s side, and soon there was a brawl. Izzy and Max also jumped in, but the fight was short lived, ending when Daemon and Rael showed up. Furious, Roxi kicked both groups of young men out of her bar.

While they’re packing gear, Scott recognized Rael, who turned out to have been somewhat notorious on the Denver (music) Circuit. Max flipped when he found out why Rael retired. As a distraction, Rael offered to take the band out to eat. Max demanded that he and his cousin have a serious talk the next day, to which Rael grudgingly agreed. The conversation was short, as Rael essentially told Max to mind his own business.

Then Max agreed to let Izzy be his roommate, much to the amusement of Scott and Arq.

Despite the demand for “slot-head” artists, the boys finally got a gig in a tiny bar. Afterwards, however, Arq disappeared…

Arq found himself tied up in some abandoned site with a rather unstable-seeming woman hovering over him. After it became clear just how psycho she is, Arq tried to escape, only to run straight into someone else lurking in the shadows – the bouncer from Roxi’s, Daemon. When the crazy woman pounced again, someone else shot and killed her.  Daemon had been accompanying Det. Willsie to the scene of several murders when she’d had a hunch, saving Arq’s life. The big bouncer escorted the shell-shocked drummer home, and said that he’d had a similar trauma and offered to talk if Arq needed.

Arq didn’t get the chance to fall asleep before Scott arrived to check on him and tell him that Max and Izzy were having a party later that day. Arq showed up, but wasn’t in the mood. Max, a bit drunk, tried to draw Arq out on what happened, but let it go with a joke after he let his drummer know how concerned the band was.

Later, Max got another lecture from his parents who were concerned for the singer’s future. Doubts planted, Max’s insecurity reared its ugly head again. As the boys were discussed their plans, a man showed up at the door asking for “William.” The man persisted despite Max’s protests that no one of that name lived there. Frustrated, the man grabbed Max by the throat. Izzy appeared, and after a brief brawl the man threatened the band with a gun. Izzy left with the man then called Max to tell him his father was a vice-president at “the” bio-med corporation, Smith-Galliard, and not to bother trying to help him.

Extremely frustrated after being blown off by the police, the guys consulted Rael and Daemon. The older men agreed that there was nothing they could do. In a rage, Arq left the apartment. Daemon followed after him and Arq requested that Daemon teach him to shoot a gun. Daemon agreed.

Izzy arrived at his parents’ section of the Smith-Galliard complex in California. He allowed himself to be escorted to his old room, where his brother Robert greeted him. They spoke briefly and agreed to meet for lunch the next day, as Robert was busy that night. Alone, Izzy/William opened a drawer to find the broken-off headstock that he’d kept from his first guitar. He remembered the conflict in which his father broke it, and then thought about the time he left and was dragged back home at the age of 21. He dropped the headstock back in the drawer and flopped onto the bed to await the inevitable confrontation.

The next morning, Izzy’s mother came to escort him to see his father. Izzy cut her off as she tried to talk to him, knowing she was probably just going to try to persuade him to see his father’s side of things. Taking a deep breath, he went into his father’s office. They argued again, once again getting nowhere and ending with Izzy being dismissed from his father’s presence.

Back in Denver, Scott and Max were bored and drinking beer. They were speculating on whether Izzy would return when Corin and Lexy showed up looking for Arq and Izzy. The girls invited the guys to go dancing with them. As Lexy once again hugged Max, he decided that perhaps she liked him and since he found her attractive…

Meanwhile Arq was getting shooting lessons from Daemon. While practicing, Arq hallucinated his attacker in place of the target and freaked out, shooting rapidly. Daemon noticed, and forced him to take a break. Daemon directly addressed his concerns to Arq about the attack and the aftermath, but Arq brushed him off. Daemon ended the lesson, then made a phone call to Detective Willsie concerning Izzy.

Robert brought Izzy news that the HR director of Smith-Galliard wanted to speak to him about their father. The woman let Izzy know that she knew about his father’s actions, or had at least heard about them, and assured Izzy that she’d talked to his parents. Puzzled at who contacted the HR director, Izzy went to tell his father that he was leaving. They argued once again, his father enraged that Izzy told people that he’d been kidnapped. He kicked Izzy out.

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